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The Gamellia family has lived and worked in Avon Lake for over 50 years, spanning three generations. Owner Jim Gamellia Jr. is no exception, raising his family in the same community he grew up in, and where his businesses are firmly rooted.  

Since childhood Jim has seen true craftsmanship in the work of his grandfather and father. He often spent his afternoons with his father's crews on Job sites and soaking up everything he could learn. Lessons he learned in those formative years taught him to create with the heart, and build with the mind; and if you've ever met him, you know thats exactly what he does. 

In 2006 Jim started Gamellia Ironworks and Glassblowing, now Gamellia Ironworks and Construction. Eventually our  focus shifted to Specialty Marine Contracting & high end custom projects. In 2020 Jim purchased Demex Marine Construction to expand his operations to include a fleet of barges. The two companies operate in tandem allowing for the most comprehensive approach to your project. 


Today the company has doubled in its number of employees, continued to grow its operations, and has helped over 250 homeowners on Lake Erie protect their shoreline.  


Redefining the approach to your construction project

Jim Gamellia Jr. has never wavered from the core values of his companies. Safety, Sustainability, and Innovation. These three guiding principles have allowed us to help hundreds of homeowners rethink the functionality and design of their property. 

Jim Gamellia - President and CEO


The Gamellia family has a long history of being pillars in Avon Lake; and Jim Gamellia Jr. firmly believes that it is the responsibility of business owners to give back to their communities. Leading by example, Jim has built two St. Jude Dream Homes in Avon Lake. He regularly builds one-of-a-kind hand-crafted pieces of furniture to be auctioned off for the benefit of local parishes and organizations.
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