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Our Core values of Safety, Sustainability, and Innovation are more than just words.

Take a look at what these look like inside our day to day operations. 

Gamellia Ironworks and Construction Safe and Sound Week


The safety of our employees is paramount. Our crews and management participate in local, state and national Safety Events. In 2022 we have shifted beyond the hard hats and fall risks, to address the mental health and wellbeing of our employees. 

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Marine Construction on Lake Erie


Sustainability is bigger than choosing eco-friendly products, keeping chemicals out of our waterways, reducing waste and lowering our energy consumption. We believe it is our Corporate Social Responsibility to ensure we are doing that every day. For us its deeper, it's about protecting the current Lake Erie shoreline so that it's around for generations to come. It means giving our customers solutions that don't just repair damage, we address the root of the erosion, taking measures to prevent it, and restoring their property to livable space. 

Marine Construction on Lake Erie


Using innovative new ways to solve the age old problem of erosion control, we tackle your shoreline from many angles. From our patent pending marine blocks, to our tandem barge delivery system. We approach your problem in ways no one else can. 

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